What’s Up for 2022 for Knit So Easy Knitting Designs

Why I Design Knitting Patterns

I have been knitting for a long, long time. I have knit with some great patterns and some not so much. When I decided to publish knitting patterns, I made a list of some things I found annoying about patterns over the years. Here is my list of top pattern issues Not...
Cedar Rock Knitted Washcloth Pattern

Cedar Rock Knitted Washcloth Pattern

The Cedar Rock knitted washcloth pattern was inspired by the Garter Rib Stitch. Garter Rib is a 2-row repeat that makes it quick & easy…a must for any Knit So Easy pattern. What is a 2-row repeat in knitting? What do I mean by a 2-row repeat? A 2-row repeat...

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