hi, i’m beryl


I want to help you enjoy your knitting experience!

Patterns designed with:  Step-by-step instructions ǀ Knitting abbreviations clearly identified ǀ Skills needed noted at beginning of each pattern – no hidden surprises ǀ Designed to mark progress as you knit


 facts About me

    • I am allergic to wool
    • I don’t like coffee or chocolate
    • I am allergic to dairy, but cheese is one of my favorite foods
    • I started knitting at age 6.
    • I know how to crochet, but prefer knitting
    • Besides knitting, I like reading & gardening
    • My sister is a knitter
    • I love blues music
    • My dogs are Rocket, a Cocker Spaniel, and Champ, a terrier/American Pit Bull rescue

    Years Knitting Experience


    Knitting Patterns Published

    Amazing Family

    I like simple, quick and easy patterns.  I like to “get it done” .  So, when I started designing patterns,  I wanted them to be simple, easy to follow, easy to keep up with where I am and easy to know what I’m going to have to do before I get in too deep.
    I knit at the doctor’s office, at church before services, while watching TV with my husband, on trips…I almost always have a quick, easy project with me ‘cause you never know when you might have an extra moment (or ten) to knit.

    10 Facts about knit so easy

    1. Patterns available on Etsy and Ravelry
    2. All stitches used are noted at the beginning of each pattern.
    3. Place to mark progress right on the pattern.
    4. Each pattern has a picture along with clear written instructions.
    5. All abbreviations used are identified at the beginning of each pattern.
    6. Most patterns have an accompanying blog post with more information.
    7. Knit So Easy Patterns make great gifts.
    8. All samples donated to charities
    9. 10% of gross sales goes to charity
    10. Patterns are named after places in my home state of North Carolina.

    So many patterns, so little time.

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