Resources for Knitters

I am very grateful you are here and I want to help you out!  Listed below you will find links to a number of useful resources for new and beginning knitters.  Experienced knitters might find these links informative, as well.

Knit So Easy receives absolutely no compensation or other considerations from any of the organizations listed below.

Below are a number of online knitting resource links listed in no particular order.

YARNSUB – A yarn substitution website

YARNSUB is a website where you can search for substitutions to many popular yarns.
They also have lots of helpful knitting ‘how-to’ articles, and lists of knitting books published in recent years.

Wildskeins Yarn Company

Wildskeins Yarn Company is my favorite local yarn store.  They are located in Hickory, North Carolina.

VeryPink Knits – Russian Join Video

This link leads to a YouTube video on the VeryPink Knits site showing how to perform a Russian Join.  This comes in handy when you’ve reached the end of a skein.  The video was made by VeryPink Knits.

VeryPink Knits – Magic Knot Video

This link leads to a YouTube video on the VeryPink Knits siteshowing how to perform a Magic Knot.  This is an alternate way to add another ball of yarn to your knitting project. The video was made by VeryPink Knits.

Knitting Tension for Beginners – a guide by Lovecrafts

This link leads to a blog post on Lovecrafts that that does a good job of explaining the importance of proper yarn tension when knitting.

Craft Yarn Council

The Craft Yarn Council bills themselves as “the yarn industry’s one-stop resource”.  And indeed they are.  You can find all kinds of information regarding yarns for knitting, along with lots of advice on knitting in general.

Ravelry – A fiber arts community

Ravelry is a social networking site for the fiber arts community.  This link will take you to the Knit So Easy store on Ravelry, but you can easily redirect from there to anywhere in the community.  You will have to create a Ravelry account to get full value from the site, but it’s well worth creating one given how much great information they have made available.

Studio Knit

Studio Knit is another good knitting resource on the web.  They have lots of knitting tutorials available.  Check them out.

NobleKnitsU – An online knitting university

NobleKnitsU bill themselves as an online knitting university.  They have a large assortment of courses for beginning, intermediate and advanced knitters.

Vogue Knitting Magazine

Vogue has a magazine devoted to knitting.  Take a look!

Mary Maxim – An online knitting crafts store

Mary Maxim is a comprehensive online store for knitters.

Lion Brand – Yarn and knitting accessories

Lion Brand is an online yarn and knitting accessories store.

Yarnspirations – Yarn and knitting accessories

Yarnspirations is an online yarn and knitting accessories store.

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