I’m grateful you’re here and I want to help you out!  First, please check the frequently asked questions below. If that doesn’t help, please go to the “Contacts” page and send me an email.  I will be happy to respond to your question within 1 – 2 business days.

If you have questions not listed here, please go to the "Contacts" page and send me an email.
Why does Knit So Easy charge for patterns instead of offering them for free?

I am not signed up with any affiliate programs nor do I allow ads on the Knit So Easy website.  I chose to set up that way because I want your visits to the website to be pleasant, not marred by annoying ads and popups.  Selling the patterns is my only source of income.

What makes Knit So Easy patterns quick & easy?

Knit So Easy patterns are designed with simple knit & purl stitches and uncomplicated row repeats.  

Keeping the patterns simple makes them easy to memorize…perfect for busy knitters at home and as take-along projects.  

We all have limited time.  Knit So Easy patterns are designed with the busy knitter in mind. 


Why Knit So Easy patterns?
  • Test knitted a minimum of 3 times for pattern accuracy
  • Patterns are written with minimum abbreviations.  Any used are defined at the beginning of each pattern.
  • All stitches used in Knit So Easy patterns are clearly stated at the beginning of each pattern.  No hidden surprises!
  • Same easy to read font used for all patterns.  No squinting.
What brand of yarn do you recommend?

I enjoy using different brands.  I used mostly acrylics, cottons, silk and bamboo yarns.  I am allergic to wool!

Do you provide knitting how-to?

I do not.  If you need help with a particular stitch or general knitting guidance, please do an online search.  There are many wonderful knitting teachers on YouTube, and many websites that will be glad to help.  We share some of our favorite information sources with you on our Resources page.

It is not that I don’t want to help you, I just need to focus my time on bringing you fabulous quick & easy patterns.

I'd like to make your pattern fit a different size.

Re-sizing a pattern is not a quick or simple process.  I suggest you buy the pattern sizes needed or contact me about other sizes you would like me to design in the future.

Can I use a different weight yarn?

I strongly suggest you use the size yarn recommended in the materials section of the pattern.  Using a different weight yarn will cause your sizing to be off, result in buying too much or too little yarn and numerous other headaches.  I want your experience with Knit So Easy patterns to be pleasant.

I'm having trouble modifying your pattern. Help?

I’m always here to help you while you’re knitting my patterns, but I can’t provide support for modifications.  Giving accurate support to a modified pattern would require me to rewrite the pattern and re-test knit it.

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