Knit So Easy knitting patterns are written without fluff and advertisements. I thought you might enjoy knowing exactly what you will get with a Knit So Easy knitting pattern, every time.

What you will find in Knit So Easy patterns

  1. Title

Clearly stated title of what kind of pattern it is. The patterns do have unique names. They are named after places where I grew up. If you are interested in how the patterns are named, here is a blog post about that. (How Knit So Easy Patterns are Named) So the title will be, for example, Hudson Child Hat Knitting Pattern. Nothing cutesy or fancy. You will know exactly what the pattern is by the title.

2. Stitches used and abbreviations

All stitches used in the entire pattern will be listed here. I want you to be able to see what stitches are used so you can start the pattern with confidence and ease. If there is an unfamiliar stitch, then you know right away and can Google to find a tutorial or how-to for that stitch. You can practice it ahead of time rather than getting down into your project and being surprised by an unfamiliar stitch.

3. Materials

  • What type of yarn or what specific yarn, if that matters
  • What needles size

4. Notes: Anything special you need to know goes here. There won’t be much as I keep the patterns as clean & simple as possible.

5. Body of the pattern

  • How many stitches to cast on
  • Row by row knitting instructions
  • Unique place at the beginning of the row to check off that you have completed that row or section.
  • Finishing instructions

Anatomy of a Knit So Easy Knitting Pattern
Anatomy of a Knit So Easy Knitting Pattern

What you will not find in Knit So Easy patterns

  1. Tutorials or How To’s

If you are unfamiliar with a stitch, then Google it. You will find plenty of help how to do it. It just won’t be cluttering up your Knit So Easy pattern.

2. Advertisements

I personally dislike seeing a pattern that someone says is “free” and I have to print out 11 pages (most of it advertisements) to get the pattern. That is not free! It took my time, electricity, paper and ink to print out a page of instructions that I have to cut and paste out the other 10 pages of advertisements. Nope, not me! I would rather pay for a pattern that is written clearly and without all the ad mess. I understand that is how many pay for the expenses of their blog, but it is just not my style.

3. Affiliates advertising

I don’t do this in Knit So Easy patterns or blog post either. Again, I realize this is how many people pay for the expenses of running their design business, but I am here to bring you quality patterns, not sell you this, that and the other thing by “recommending it”.

That’s it! Simple, quick & easy knitting. The Knit So Easy way.

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