I love a good plan. This year Knit So Easy has a plan. From the beginning until this year, I have felt “behind” on running this business. Oh, I had good excuses…

  • I am a one person shop
  • I had so many designs floating around in my head, it was hard to get them to finished patterns
  • I became caregiver to my Dad with late stage Alzheimer’s

But this year, 2022 I am going into it with exactly what Knit So Easy intends to offer the knitters and I wanted to share it with you.

24 new pattern designs

Knit So Easy has a minimum of 24 new pattern designs to be published for you in 2022. All twenty-four are quick, easy and simple, which is what Knit So Easy is all about.


The year of the blankets! Several new baby blankets, which knitters can’t seem to get enough, but also blankets in new sizes will be published. Big people size, including one that is long enough for 6 footers to snuggle under. (Thank you to my 6’4″ son for helping me test that one.)

Blanket Knitting Design
Blanket Knitting Design


Technically we all know dishcloths and washcloth knit the same, but I am adding new photos and listings just for washcloths so you can see the new designs as a bath setting. The Knit So Easy Etsy store has a new section just for bath knitting patterns.

Washcloth knitting design
Washcloth Knitting Design

Hand Towels/Dish Towels

When I introduced hand towels and dish towels to the Knit So Easy line last year, I was surprised at how well the patterns took off. If you are like our family, we love the wonderful soft cotton on our hands and how absorbent the dish towels are. Besides new hand towel designs this year, look for some special hand towel/washcloth and dish towel/dishcloth combinations to make gift sets for special occasions.


As some of you that have followed me from the beginning know, my designing got started with hat knitting designs. My church wanted to include a handmade hat in every gift box we were putting together for kids. We are talking a lot of hats. I started coming up with new designs just to keep from making the same hat over and over. I also began teaching knitting to others in the group that wanted to learn and created a simple, easy to follow pattern for them. A little ancient history there, but my mind is still cranking out hat variations so stay tuned this year to see what is coming.

Hat Knitting Design
Hat Knitting Design


I will be the first to say I am NOT a photographer. However, if you have an online store and design patterns, you have to make photos. When you go back and look at my first designs and those photos, you will see I have learned a lot. On second thought, DON’T look at those! They are cringeworthy!

New Product Photos

Many of the knitting designs are getting new photos. That will be a year long, tucked in between other projects, project, so they all won’t get a facelift overnight, but the plan is to have updated photos for all listings by the end of 2022.

Information Graphic Photos

Check out the hat section of the Knit So Easy Etsy store. You will find an information graphic as the last photo of each hat pattern. The graphic provides size/age information. I have discovered most people will look at the pictures, but not read the pattern description. So I made the graphic photos for your convenience.

I also have a Hat Sizing Guide you can download here that gives you sizing/age information for all the Knit So Easy hat sizing on one handy sheet.

Website store

The biggest project for Knit So Easy this year is building a website store so that you can conveniently find all the knitting designs in one place without ever leaving the Knit So Easy website. I will tell you more about that as it happens.

Whew! Those are big, bold goals for a one person business, but the plan is in place and I am so excited to make it happen for my knitting friends. Stay tuned for updates and would love to see your comments below to cheer me on!

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