Adako dishcloth knitting pattern is knitted with the double seed stitch or double moss stitch. These two, double seed and double moss, are the same stitch, just called different names, depending on where you live and who taught you to knit ’cause that’s what they called it.

Adako dishcloth knitting pattern
Adako Dishcloth Knitting Pattern

Adako has a 3-stitch garter border all around that makes the pretty double seed stitch stand out.

Double seed is easier to knit than seed stitch (in my opinion). Doing each knit or purl stitch twice helps you to get more in a knitting rhythm.

Double seed stitch is knitted by knitting two stitches, then purling two stitches as the pattern will state for two rows and then purling two stitches and knitting two stitches for two rows, making this an easy 4 row pattern repeat that only has two rows to memorize. How’s that for easy! Much easier to do than explain! Just follow the Knit So Easy row by row pattern and it will be quick & easy!

All Knit So Easy dishcloths/washcloths are:

  • Double strong
  • Designed to uniform size for folding and storage ease
  • 100% cotton – soft, but durable
  • Easy care – machine wash & machine dry
  • Patterns written with step-by-step instructions
  • Patterns are easy to follow and designed to mark your place as you knit
  • All skills needed listed at beginning of instructions – no hidden surprises
Adako dishcloth knitting pattern

To get the Adako washcloth or dishcloth knitting pattern, click Etsy or Ravelry, whichever platform you prefer.

Happy Knitting!

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