I grew up in a rural area.  Our address was Hudson, but we lived on the outskirts of a little town called Sawmills.  When I was growing up, locals affectionately called Sawmills a hole in the road with a railroad track running through it.


According to the town website, “Sawmills has been able to retain its southern small town charm, while emerging as a destination bedroom community”.  That is a true statement.


Sawmills has changed from a lumber industry town to a charming town whose citizens show great pride in living there.


However, it is that railroad track running along side the road that inspired the design of this knitting pattern.



This dishcloth knitting pattern is an easy knit & purl stitch pattern, but has so much detail in its thick lines, thin lines, broken lines and dots. 

Sawmills is the first in a series of similar, yet different knitting patterns coming out in the next few months, all inspired by that infamous railroad track!

As with all Knit So Easy knitted patterns, Sawmills is knit double strong and is machine washable, using two strands of 100% cotton yarn. 

All Knit So Easy patterns are designed to be the same size, making your cloths easy to fold and store.  You might want to display them instead of storing because they sure pretty up a bathroom or kitchen!

You can find the knitting pattern for the Sawmills dishcloth/washcloth by clicking here for the Knit So Easy Etsy store.


dishcloth & washcloth sample

Sawmills Dishcloth and Washcloth Knitting Pattern







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