Sutton Place sounds like a soap opera location, but is actually the name of the latest Knit So Easy knitted dishcloth pattern.

Sutton Place Knitted Dishcloth Pattern

Sutton Place is a version of the Moss Stitch or Seed Stitch. (There has been a debate forever as to what to call this classic stitch). But whatever you call it, the stitch combination adds such a beautiful texture to your cloth.

Great for getting dishes clean as a dishcloth and looks beautiful in your bathroom as a washcloth.

Using 100% cotton makes a soft, but effective washcloth for your face and body. Ideal for babies, too.

All Knit So Easy knitted dishcloth patterns use two strands of 100% cotton yarn held together, making them double strong and completely machine washable and dryable.

Knit So Easy knitted dishcloth/washcloth patterns are all designed to be the same size for easy folding and storage.

You can find the Sutton Place knitted dishcloth pattern in the Knit So Easy Etsy Shop.

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