Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.

I read that thought somewhere and forgive me for not crediting the owner of the thought, but I did paraphrase so as not to be stealing someone’s original thought. 


That said, I got to thinking about how that statement applies to our passion of knitting.


It is so tempting to see a beautiful yarn and buy it.  Then you get it home and realize you have no pattern for it or can’t quickly find one you like.  Or, you find a pattern, but didn’t buy enough of that beautiful yarn.  So that gorgeous yarn ends up in your “stash” with all the other yarn you bought the same way.


We’ve all done it.


But soon that stash has overgrown its bin, or closet or room.  It has become knitting clutter.


What  if, we decided on a project, chose a pattern and then bought the exact yarn in the amount needed?


Even if we have multiple projects going on,. our stash would have a purpose and not be considered clutter.  Then, It’s WIP’s (work in progress)!


What to do with leftover yarn

Tip:   Toss bits and pieces of leftover yarn into a tote.  Put together colors to make hats, toys, Christmas ornaments and small knitted gifts.


Knitting requires a lot of “stuff”.  But with a little thought and planning, it doesn’t have to become knitting clutter.  



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